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Another variation on an old classic goes for a more daring interpretation, thanks to the art director Emmanuel Paletz. THE ALICE APP ($4.99 for the iPad and $3.99 for Android tablets) recounts Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” through animated collages composed of photographs, playing cards, nature illustrations — and famous Dutch and Flemish Renaissance paintings.
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The Alice app has been presented on these TV shows: NewsWatch, History and Ion Channels.


A twitter from Franziska Kohlt a Profasor in Victorian psychology & literature at Brasenose College, Oxford UK.

Educational App Store

The Alice App got 5 stars on EAS

Source: Educational App Store

The story has been told in print and voice before but this app also adds a new artistic dimension to Alice’s strange adventures. The artist has developed an interesting collage technique using renaissance art to bring Wonderland to life in a strange, slightly discordant, yet beautiful way that suits it entirely.

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App Craver

The Alice App: Won the Parents’ Choice Award

Source: Parents' Choice Awards

There are many versions of Lewis Carroll's 1865 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, including films, TV series, comic books, video games, and more. The Alice App version offers the full edition of the text illustrated with collaged images that are taken from Dutch and Flemish Renaissance master artworks.

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App Craver

The Alice App: A Mash-up of Lewis Carroll & An Elegant Art History Class

Source: App Craver

The application is an art book, a conceptual book, and an educational book all in one, so it has something for everyone. The art enthusiast will appreciate the nods toward Flemish and Dutch Renaissance art in Paletz collages.

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The App Review Zone

The Alice App iPad App Review

Source: The app review zone

It's a book! It's an app! It's a book and an app! All in one! The Alice App is an iPad app that bridges the gap between electronic book and mobile phone app and it does it extremely well. The book starts up and gives the users the option of reading or being read to

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The Alice App ‐ A Modern Experience of the Classic Tale

Source: Examiner

The application allows its users to explore the imaginative world of Wonderland, and do this with interactive sights and sounds. Inside of this world, interesting games and illustrations await anyone who enters. There are riddles, games of puzzles and many more intriguing things on each page, while at the same time users get acquainted with the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and other fascinating and well-known characters.

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Alpha Digits

The Alice App ‐ A Book App That Transports You to Wonderland

Source: Alphadigits

A new way to experience the tale!

Created by award-winning artist and entrepreneur Emmanuel Paletz, The Alice App churns the classic tale written by Lewis Carroll and portrays it in a way that makes you feel you have fallen down a hole in the ground and are on the chase yourself to find the white rabbit and make sense of the ridiculous.

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The App Times

The Alice App ‐ Wonderland's Girl Comes to Life on Your iPad

Source: The app times

Created by the crafty minded Emmanuel Paletz, this app is an easy download rich with character and wonderment. It immerses the user in the richness that is inherent to the tale itself, owing up to the adventures that Alice encounters and bringing the user along for the ride.

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I am not a big fan of reading e-books simply because I cling to the old ways and languish in feeling crisp paper between my fingers while listening to the rustle of paper as I turn pages to reveal more about a story I've become entrenched in. However, for lovers of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland," there is a book app available in the iPad that makes you forget about all that and literally transports you into Wonderland alongside Alice, as if you are dreaming.

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iPad Apps Review Online

Interactive Alice In Wonderland App: The Alice App

Source: ipad apps review online

Humanity values its cultures. This means that we love our stories, art and literature. One of the most universally renowned stories is 'Alice In Wonderland'. Children from all over the world can readily recognize this story. While in the past, there were pop-up books and regular story books to take us through this enchanting adventure, now there is an iPad App that does the same. 'The Alice App' is one of the most enjoyable and educational apps that a parent could provide for their child. It takes us through the adventures of Alice in Wonderland. We get to meet every single character and see them in a light that we have never seen them before.

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