About The Author

Emmanuel Paletz

Emmanuel Paletz is an international award-winning creative consultant for the advertising industry, working for the country’s leading digital and direct marketing agencies. He is also the author of two very successful cookbooks, both of which have been lavished with praise and awards.

Emmanuel Paletz Born in Los Angeles and raised in Israel, Emmanuel studied at Haifa University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in history and fine arts. He continued his studies for four years at the renowned Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, completing a degree in design in the department of visual communication. He mastered a wide range of design disciplines and sectors including animation, illustration, photography, typography, 3D design and packaging. Bezalel is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious institutions for art and design in the world. It has produced a number of distinguished graduates whose works have been featured in many design and architectural publications worldwide as well as exhibited at major museums and galleries across the globe. (As an aside, the magnificent Waltz with Bashir, which was nominated for the Oscar for best foreign film, was created by two of Emmanuel’s fellow grads, Yoni Goodman and David Polanski.)

Art and Cook Paletz moved to New York where he created ART AND COOK, a cookbook with a unique design and a new conceptual approach to food that was a big sensation in the market from the first day it hit the bookshelves. With its extraordinary egg carton package, it quickly got the attention of John Hyland, Managing Editor of the New York Times Magazine. He wrote: “That book is raising eyebrows for more than its grammatically off-kilter title. There are its unique design and packaging – it comes in a large egg carton. And then there are its provocative contents.” The Washington Post’s Linda Hales wrote: “Right from the cover ART AND COOK established itself as the season’s most provocative cookbook.”

For this achievement, Emmanuel Paletz was honored with many national and international graphic design awards, including the American Graphic Design Award, the IF Design Award, the Red Dot Award, and more. The book was also featured on the Food Network.

The rights to ART AND COOK were later acquired by Rizzoli, which created a mini version of the original book. Soon “Art and Cook” became an established brand and Paletz was commissioned by Macy’s to design “Art and Cook” kitchen utensils, available at their stores nationwide.

For his second book, Paletz decided to collaborate with many of New York’s most celebrated chefs on their signature cocktails and appetizers. THE SPIRITS OF COCKTAIL is a bright and colorful hardcover that creatively depicts the recipes of such prominent restaurateurs as Daniel Boulud, Jean-Georges, Charlie Palmer, Todd English, and David Burke.